Cancer Insurance

It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you mention cancer, the average person will immediately think of someone in their life who has been affected by this horrible disease. The fact that it is estimated that roughly 1 in 3 people will end up with some form of the disease makes it obvious why just about everyone has cancer affect their lives in some form.

There are few words that strike more fear into the hearts than the “C” word, especially since there is no cure as of yet, although it can be treated depending on the type and how early it is caught. Getting treatment is not as straightforward as you think, though, and it may even be that your major medical insurance does not cover your cancer treatments.

It is not everyone that is even aware of that fact until they try to make a claim when the disease strikes their family. That is why you tend to hear horror stories about people having their life saving wiped out or losing their home when they have to pay out of pocket for cancer treatments and some of the other costs associated with the disease. That is a situation that can be almost as scary as the diagnosis itself, but it is also one that can be avoided for a small monthly fee.

Most of the major insurance companies offer some form of cancer insurance, with the small amount you pay covering more than you might imagine. It’s not just the high price of treatments and medication that are covered, but also many of the subsidiary costs that come into play when someone is sick with cancer.

Before getting to those other incidentals, let’s take a look at some of the costs that can start piling up out of pocket the moment you are diagnosed with cancer.
Where things start to get sticky is with the cost of deductibles that you will have to pay for treatments and medication. As you can imagine, the number of doctor visits and treatments are a lot more than you might expect when you are simply going in for the flu. Another issue that commonly arises is when you need to go and see a doctor or surgeon that is a specialist falling outside of your covered network. That is where the costs really start to accumulate, but is also something that is covered with cancer insurance.

The one thing that most people fail to consider when they think about getting sick is the time that they are likely to miss from work. Sure, you may work with a company that has a great benefits program, but after a certain time, your paycheck goes from being 100% covered to sometimes less than 50%. Cancer insurance covers the cost of lodging if you have to go out of town for treatment, as well as covering home expenses such as mortgage and utility bills. You may never be unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer, but if you are, cancer insurance can help make the situation more bearable for yourself and your family.

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