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What You Need to Know About Cancer

Patient, Doctor

Our body is constantly subject to a variety of different insults that can place a great deal of stress on the body. This results in natural death of cells and replacement with new, healthy cells. But sometimes, there are certain cells that end up growing in a disorganized and uncontrollable manner. This abnormal growth of cells is called cancer. There ...

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The Need For Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you mention cancer, the average person will immediately think of someone in their life who has been affected by this horrible disease. The fact that it is estimated that roughly 1 in 3 people will end up with some form of the disease makes it obvious why just about everyone has cancer affect their ...

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The Importance of Insurance

Do you need insurance? THAT is the question that most people ponder on over and over again. The moment that you start earning your own money, it is very essential that you start considering getting insurance, whether it is health, home, auto, etc. Why? Why you need Insurance There are times in your life that it is not possible to ...

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What is Insurance?


A method of providing for financial protection from potentially catastrophic losses.  It allows a person, business, or organization to pay a small fixed amount to an insurer in exchange for the promise that, if a covered loss occurs, the insurer will pay for losses up to the coverage limits of the policy purchased.  A policy is a legal contract.  In ...

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What is Cancer Insurance?


Cancer is most certainly a life altering diagnosis. Some life changes are obvious and immediate; others are subtle and take time to develop. But, the financial blow due to loss of income and treatment expenses is apparent in all cases and can be lessened with cancer insurance. Cancer insurance is a relatively new policy which serves to provide you with ...

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