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How to Choose a Business Insurance


There is a definite sense of freedom that comes with owning your own business. While you never have to worry about what the boss is thinking anymore, you will also find that freedom comes at a bit of a price. You will suddenly be responsible for all manner of things that you didn’t have to think about in a traditional ...

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What You Need To Know About Obamacare


It seems as though the debate over President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, known by most as Obamacare, has been raging on forever. The time for talk is now over, as October 1, 2013 marks that date when health insurance marketplaces are launched. It is here where uninsured Americans will be able to go and shop for the healthcare that best ...

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Before You Buy Life Insurance

Life Insurance

You can obtain life insurance policies through agents or brokers, by mail, via the Internet, or through group plans offered by your employer or an association. No matter how you buy your life insurance, you should only buy from a licensed company that offers policies approved in the state you live in. Insurance shopping tips First, set the goals you ...

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Learn About Medical Discount Plans

Health Insurance

Looking for health insurance? Make sure that’s what you’re buying, or you could find yourself on the hook for big medical bills with no way to pay them. That’s because what sounds like affordable health insurance may be a medical discount plan instead. Medical discount plans can be a way for some people to save money on their health care ...

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The Need For Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you mention cancer, the average person will immediately think of someone in their life who has been affected by this horrible disease. The fact that it is estimated that roughly 1 in 3 people will end up with some form of the disease makes it obvious why just about everyone has cancer affect their ...

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The Benefits Of Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

When you buy a home, you are usually well aware of the need to protect your investment with homeowners insurance. The fact that it is usually part of any deal with a mortgage company is beside the point, since it’s something you would probably want to have anyway. Renting a home is a little different, usually because renters believe that ...

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How Should You Handle Insurance in a Divorce


Couples divorcing already have a lot of issues to resolve and caught in all the emotions and lawyers and court is not easy. Here is some advice on how to take care of insurance when you go through this. Usually you put in place insurance policies for protection and because marriage has ended does not mean you no longer need ...

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Gauging The Effect of The Affordable Care Act


October 1 was the day when the marketplaces opened, allowing US citizens to start shopping for their health care plan. The opening was not as smooth as many had hoped, with many of the marketplaces unavailable due to massive amounts of traffic flooding in at the same time. While that got many folks off on the wrong foot, you cannot ...

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