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Drastic Increases in Long-Term-Care Insurance!


Insurance companies across the country, specifically those that offer long-term-care policies, have been working with state insurance regulators to drastically increase premiums for many individuals who may have older policies. Why? It comes down to two primary reasons: 1. Insurance companies badly overestimated the predicted number of policy lapses. They expected a higher number of policy holders to allow their ...

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Close the Big Hole in Your Pocket. Get Insured!

Personal Finance and Insurance

To a certain degrees, people understand that it is very vital to think about proper protection. When it comes to managing personal finance family budget, of course the most familiar area of protection is insurance. Finance protection includes insurance, but it also includes expenditure Adult care, child care and other obligations, such as alimony, maintenance and child payments. Our behavior ...

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Obamacare after Healthcare.gov Fixes!

Healthcare Obamacare

When the Affordable Care Act was passed and the website put online for consumers to but their insurance, there was a great deal of excitement among those who had been previously unable to afford health insurance. Some of that excitement was tempered by the fact the HealthCare.gov site was a bit of a disaster. Users found that the site was ...

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How to Choose a Business Insurance


There is a definite sense of freedom that comes with owning your own business. While you never have to worry about what the boss is thinking anymore, you will also find that freedom comes at a bit of a price. You will suddenly be responsible for all manner of things that you didn’t have to think about in a traditional ...

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Directory of Insurance Companies

Directory of Automobile Insurance Providers Telephone Numbers for Insurance Companies Company Websites 21ST CENTURY CASUALTY (800) 211-7283 www.21st.com 21ST CENTURY (800) 211-7283 www.21st.com AFFIRMATIVE INSURANCE (800) 877-0226   AIG   www.aigdirect.com AIU   www.aigdirect.com ALLIED PROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE (800) 282-1446 www.alliedinsurance.com ALLSTATE INDEMNITY (800) 557-8283 www.allstate.com ALLSTATE (800) 557-8283 www.allstate.com ALLSTATE PROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE (800) 557-8283 www.allstate.com AMCO ...

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Investigating the Alleged Mortgage Insurance Kickbacks


There is an investigation going on by federal regulators and private detective services in regards to mortgage insurance kickbacks going back almost 20 years. The investigation is surrounding the banks and lenders requiring private mortgage insurers to get backup insurance from lender-owned reinsurance companies. So basically the insurance was unnecessary and it meant the lenders receiving a payment in lieu ...

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What You Need To Know About Obamacare


It seems as though the debate over President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, known by most as Obamacare, has been raging on forever. The time for talk is now over, as October 1, 2013 marks that date when health insurance marketplaces are launched. It is here where uninsured Americans will be able to go and shop for the healthcare that best ...

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What You Need to Know About Cancer

Patient, Doctor

Our body is constantly subject to a variety of different insults that can place a great deal of stress on the body. This results in natural death of cells and replacement with new, healthy cells. But sometimes, there are certain cells that end up growing in a disorganized and uncontrollable manner. This abnormal growth of cells is called cancer. There ...

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What to Do if a Life Insurance Company Turns You Down

Life Insurance Denied

If a company turns you down for a policy, try another company. Companies use different methods and factors to decide whether or not to insure you. For example if you have high blood pressure that you control with medication, one company might reject you while another company may accept you. If you have a medical problem, it’s a good idea ...

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