Disability Insurance is one insurance policy you can not do without in your lifetime.  What disability insurance does is provide you continued income in the event of a serious accident or surgery which renders a person disabled.   This disability can be short term or long term, which creates two types of disability insurance: short term disability insurance and long term disability insurance.

In America there are approximately 18% of people currently living with a disability of one form or another and unfortunately 1 out of every 4 people will end up with a disability injury prior to their retirement from work.  That is a lot of people who once could work, however, due to an accident or terminal illness can no longer work and they loose out on their retirement pensions. 

Most United States employers do provide disability insurance to their employees giving them a choice of choosing long term or short term disability policies.  These policies are offered as a package through the company’s regular medical insurance program and a premium is taken out of each individual’s paycheck accordingly to which policy they choose.  As an important note, if your employers does offer disability insurance make sure you take both the long term and the short term as one simple accident such as breaking a leg or a sudden need for surgery can put you out of work for a long time.

If you are self employed there are disability insurance options as well.  Your premium may be a little higher than through a large company, however, having the secure feeling that you will still be getting  no less than 65% of your normal income is better than having no income at all.

Disability insurance is a protection policy for you and your family.  Everyone is one accident away from being on disability whether it be long term or short term.  Do not take the risk of not having this insurance coverage as you do not want to end up loosing your home as there is no income available to you.

Each disability policy, whether long term or short term, pays per the type of disability that has occurred to the worker.  If an employee is having surgery and will be out of work for 8 weeks they will be paid accordingly.  Obviously, if the disability is life long and the person is never able to work again there is generally a settlement that is afforded.

Whether you work for a company that offers disability insurance or if you are self employed and have people working for you there is a disability insurance policy that is created for everyone’s individual needs. 

Don’t be caught without having a disability insurance policy.  Make sure you are always protected against the unknown as unknown accidents do happen on a daily basis.  In fact, there is a disability accident that occurs every second in the United States.  This insurance will help you get through until you can work again after you are back on your feet as well as be there if you are permanently disabled from an accident or incident. 

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