Health Insurance rates are rising by an average of 20 percent for adults who buy their own policies, according to a survey by a nonprofit healthcare groups.

These premium increases affect millions of U.S. adults who buy their own health plans therefore opting individuals to opt for cheaper care or less options.

There are still many phases of Obama’s healthcare reform which the administration is working hard in implementing however the early effects are costing US consumers more everyday. US administration is criticizing the health insurance companies for their premium increases but to no avail. There have been reported increases as high as 39 percent for individual and “nongroup” policies.

Although individual, or “nongroup,” policies are a small slice of the health insurance industry, they have attracted sharp scrutiny in recent months amid reports of price increases as high as 39 percent.

Though most working-age adults get their insurance through their employers, however, 14 million people in the United States either small business owners or those whose employers don’t offer insurance pay for their own health insurance policies. Many changes in health insurance are already takin place such as ending lifetime caps on coverage and stopping cancellations when a policyholder gets sick. But there are many reforms that will not go in effect until 2014.

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