Abortion Insurance Mandate

Washington was the first state the in early seventies legalized elective abortion, passed by popular vote. Now in 2013 U.S. Supreme Court has extended the ruling nationwide to all states. Though there are more than twenty states that have put bans on insurance companies paying for abortions again Washington seems to be the leader in coming up with legislation to allow otherwise.

The legislation in Washington that allows for payment on maternity care could be the same to pay for abortions as well. This was passed by Washington state House and now it is time for Senate to debate and pass. Interestingly New Yorkers have been trying the same for many years but state assembly still has to pass this law.

Based on the language in the congressional law, insurers selling their insurance plans need to separate premiums they collect for the purpose of abortion.

Though the legislation allowed for insuring for abortions yet it allows states to apply rules of their own and many states have strict rules regarding insurance and abortion. However in Washington the supporters of the proposed legislation do educate the public that this law will not necessarily increase the rate of abortions. Opponents are arguing that businesses or employers will have to pay for abortions. Though the passage of this law is still uncertain, if it does it will be a strong model for other states to follow.

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