There are many situations where a majority of individuals face immense issues while paying credit cards. An insufficient fund is one of the reasons as to why; a majority of all concerned faces unpleasant experiences at the thought of having to make payment for credit cards. If you stop making a credit card payment, there can always develop a number of complications in the near future. The first and foremost issue you may have to face an associated late fee. The approximate charge you need to pay is anything within the range of 25-35 dollars.

Late Fees Can Creep In

The fact that late fees gets added up to the main balance, interest rate also keeps rising on a continuous manner. Also, it needs to be clarified that the consequences of not paying for credit card can get further complex in the immediate future. A few of the issues you most likely will have to face on being unable to make the payment include getting charged with late payment, getting a bad mark on credit report and interest rate getting higher. Interest rate getting higher and having a bad score on your overall credit marks is definitely the most worrisome aspect you might have to face in the near future.

Extra Charges

Have you wondered as to what are the troubles you have to face if you fail to make payment for the second time? Well! The situations you might have to face in such a scenario are further nerve-racking. You have to make a payment of another 25-35 dollars extra if you fail to make the payment for the second time. Missing payments for six months can certainly land you in immense trouble. Firstly, you will have to give late charges for the last six months for which payments have been missed. The amount can be approximately thirty five dollars. Failing to make the payment for a period of six months will definitely make your credit score less than 660. There may also be situations where your credit score can go below 600. This certainly will put you in a disadvantageous position if you are interested in borrowing in the immediate future.  

Other Issues

There are many other things that you may have to face with if you are unable to make the payment. A few of the aspects you may have to face on being unable to make the payment include receiving collection calls, chances of your credit card getting cancelled, an increase in the interest rate, suffering from bad credit score and facing legal issues. You will be more than alarmed in knowing that there may be every possibility of suffering from Bankruptcy in case of being unable to make the payment on time.

You can also expect to receive repeated warning in the form of aggressive phone calls and emails. There remains every possibility of you getting repeated warnings from concerned authorities that your account can also go into a state of complete delinquency. Creditors can also get into a mindset so as report concerned authorities such that your account is treated as a delinquent one. However, it needs to be understood that there remains every scope for you to engage in a conversation along with your creditor so as to devise a payment plan that can assist you in tiding across such financial hardships.

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