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What You Need to Know About The Home Depot Data Breach

Home Depot Breach

On September 2nd, news outlets began reporting a massive data breach affecting customers who shopped at Home Depot’s brick and mortar stores since April of this year. As with previous cyber attacks targeting Albertson’s, Neiman Marcus, Michael’s, P.F. Chang’s, and SuperValu, the Home Depot breach resulted from point-of-sale systems infected with malicious software designed to swipe sensitive data from credit ...

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Conspicuous consumption and the pursuit of happiness

Spending - Solusite

It’s easy to think that the financial challenges facing Americans today are new, but one needn’t look too far in the past to see many of the same destructive patterns of behavior and habits of consumption bedeviling humanity since the beginning of modern economic theory. In 1899, economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen introduced the concept of conspicuous consumption to describe ...

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Should You Use a Credit Monitoring Service?


A lot of people look at using credit monitoring services and there is no shortage of sites offering this service. However, before you leap at the service you need to consider whether or not this is actually something you need. You should also consider what these services actually offer and how they could potentially help you. What do Credit Management ...

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Reasons to Opt For a Personal Loan

loan application

In the present economical situation, with the huge price hikes and credit crunch, it becomes quite difficult to save money for your future – especially if you have to pay off all those utility bills, education bills and medical bills etc. And this is where financial alternatives like personal loans come in handy. Even if taking loans from banks or ...

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The Truth about Debt Management

Debt Management

With the most expensive time of year upon us, household credit commitments come under increasing pressure. At this time of year many people turn to third party companies to help manage their debts. These companies are widely called Debt Management Companies or DMP’s. Debt Management companies have had their fair share of controversy and bad publicity in 2013. In January ...

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The Trouble with Mistakes on Credit Reports

tax accounting

There are three main credit bureaus that are in charge of providing credit reports on individuals in United States.  According to a study by the Federal Trade Commission over 25% of all credit reports have errors on them.  Many individuals already know that there currently is, or has been a mistake on their credit report in the past.  Some people ...

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Credit Reports: How to Get Rid of Tax Liens


This year IRS has started a new policy in regards to unpaid tax liens. The good news is if you pay in full they offer to remove it. So the negative impact of tax liens on credit reports can be removed. So you think what is new?  Well before this year even when you paid a tax lien in full ...

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How To Fix Your Credit Score


It would be wonderful if we were all able to buy everything we wanted or needed with cash, but very few of us actually have that luxury. The reality is that most of us have to take on some form of debt in order to get all the things we need. Before that credit will be extended our way, though, ...

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