TruIQ Data

Unlimited On-Demand Access Within Private Environments for Financial Institutions

TruIQ™: TransUnion’s latest offering, TruIQ Data Enrichment, provides financial organizations with unlimited, on-demand access to pseudonymized TransUnion credit data within their private environments. This innovative solution introduces a proprietary linking app that seamlessly connects a business’s first- and third-party data with TransUnion’s comprehensive credit data. In an era where data fuels the financial industry, TransUnion’s (NYSE: TRU) groundbreaking solution is designed to empower financial institutions with unparalleled access and control over credit data.

With TruIQ Data Enrichment, financial institutions gain the ability to execute highly targeted marketing campaigns, perform cost-benefit analyses for market entry, and make informed decisions, all while preserving the utmost data security and privacy. This pioneering solution redefines the landscape of credit data accessibility and puts financial organizations in the driver’s seat, enabling them to leverage data like never before.

Empowering Financial Institutions in a Dynamic Credit Market

The financial landscape is constantly evolving, and financial institutions require agile solutions to navigate this dynamic terrain. TruIQ Data Enrichment is designed to cater to the diverse and complex needs of analytically-driven organizations, regardless of their existing analytic environments. With this innovative tool at their disposal, financial institutions can accelerate their decision-making processes, responding swiftly to market changes and customer demands.

Jason Laky, Executive Vice President and Head of TransUnion’s Financial Services Business, emphasizes the broad applicability of TruIQ Data Enrichment, stating, “TruIQ Data Enrichment is valuable for a broad array of financial institutions, including those that already have sophisticated analytic environments. Today’s credit market is dynamic, and the unlimited, on-demand access to pseudonymized TransUnion credit data will allow these financial institutions to make key decisions much faster.”

Overcoming Data Silos for Streamlined Consumer Experiences

One of the major challenges businesses face in today’s data-driven landscape is the fragmentation of data across various silos. This fragmentation hinders businesses from creating the seamless and holistic consumer experiences that modern customers demand. TruIQ Data Enrichment is engineered to bridge these data silos and provide organizations with a unified view of consumers.

Hilary Chidi, Executive Vice President of Global Credit Risk Solutions at TransUnion, explains, “Even with robust analytic environments, many businesses fall short of creating the streamlined experiences consumers expect. Many of the tools that data teams use to gain insight and update strategies cannot create a complete view of the consumer due to data existing in segmented silos. TruIQ Data Enrichment solves for this.”

Key Benefits of TruIQ Data Enrichment

Financial institutions stand to gain several significant advantages from adopting TruIQ Data Enrichment, including:

1. Speed to Market: With on-demand, uncapped access to pseudonymized TransUnion credit data, credit scores, and cutting-edge algorithms within their environments, financial organizations can accelerate their go-to-market strategies.

2. Enhanced Security: TruIQ Data Enrichment mitigates the risk of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data exposure, enabling organizations to link and enrich their first- and third-party data with TransUnion credit data in a secure and private environment, safeguarding their intellectual property.

3. Unprecedented Control: Financial institutions gain the flexibility to utilize and depersonalize data from various providers, including multi-bureau sources, to build models in their preferred environments, offering a level of control and customization previously unattainable.

Elevating Customer Experiences through Data-Driven Insights

Patrick White, Vice President of Card and Banking in TransUnion‘s Financial Services Business, highlights the transformative potential of TruIQ Data Enrichment for lenders. He states, “In our frequent interactions with lenders, it is clear they want to provide best-in-class experiences to their customers. With TruIQ Data Enrichment, TransUnion delivers the most relevant offers where and when the lender is interacting with the consumer.”

In the increasingly data-centric financial industry, solutions like TruIQ Data Enrichment empower financial institutions to harness the full potential of data while safeguarding privacy and security. TransUnion continues to drive innovation, enabling organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Earlier this year, TransUnion introduced TruIQ™ Analytics Studio, further enhancing businesses’ data exploration capabilities and empowering more informed decision-making across the board.

TruIQ Data