Debt Help

The Growing Need for Debt Help

Novae, a distinguished Black-owned fintech company, has been recognized for its exceptional customer experience, rapid growth, and innovation in the direct sales and finance sectors over the past decade. Building on their success, Novae is launching a new program aimed at helping consumers alleviate their debt burdens by facilitating partial debt forgiveness and offering more favorable repayment terms. The company, led by CEO Reco McCambry, has garnered numerous accolades in the fintech industry, making them well-equipped to provide effective debt resolution solutions.

As Americans face mounting financial challenges, Novae’s new debt help program presents a viable solution to their debt-related woes. The concept behind the program is rooted in established practices within the debt resolution industry. In many cases, creditors agree to accept a reduced amount of the original debt to recover at least some payment from financially distressed consumers. Typically, when consumers struggle to make payments, creditors may sell the debt to a collection agency at a discounted rate. Novae seeks to reverse this process by negotiating with creditors on behalf of consumers, aiming to secure more favorable terms and partial debt forgiveness.

Novae’s Stellar Track Record

Novae and Reco McCambry have achieved widespread recognition and acclaim in the fintech industry. The company’s commitment to excellence has earned it a place on Inc 5000’s prestigious list of America’s fastest-growing businesses for three consecutive years. Additionally, McCambry has been honored with awards for Outstanding Leadership from Money2.0 and Innovator of the Year from the Bank Customer Experience Service Summit. Now, McCambry brings his innovative approach to Novae’s debt help program, leveraging the company’s network of finance lawyers and strategic partnerships across the country to negotiate debt resolutions professionally on behalf of consumers.

Accessible Debt Help for Various Debt Types

Novae’s debt help program caters to individuals burdened by unsecured debts, including medical debt, private student loans, unsecured credit card debt, credit union debt, personal loans, and home improvement loans. To qualify for the program, the debts must exceed $250 per account and total more than $7,500 per person. Prospective customers can easily schedule a consultation through Novae’s website, where a debt consultant will assess their situation. If the customer’s debts meet the program’s criteria, Novae will inform them of the potential reduction in their monthly payments. The program can be initiated following this 30-minute phone call, with the goal of reducing monthly unsecured debt payments by 40-50% for program participants.

Addressing the Urgent Need for Debt Relief

Novae’s debt help program arrives at a critical time, as financial indicators reveal that Americans are carrying an unprecedented amount of unsecured debt. Last year, loans reached over $220 billion, and credit card debt nearly reached the $1 trillion mark. A recent survey found that 54% of Americans claimed that debt hindered their ability to achieve long-term financial security, and 2022 saw the largest increase in total credit card debt since 2003.

CEO McCambry emphasizes Novae‘s commitment to assisting individuals facing challenging financial circumstances and utilizing the company’s resources to empower them.

Novae’s introduction of a groundbreaking debt help program demonstrates their dedication to providing effective solutions to address the growing debt crisis in America. By leveraging their expertise, partnerships, and legal resources, Novae aims to negotiate partial debt forgiveness and more favorable repayment terms for consumers burdened by unsecured debts. As debt continues to pose significant challenges for many Americans, Novae’s innovative approach and commitment to helping individuals regain their financial stability position them as a pioneer in the fintech industry.

Debt Help