You might as well have come across innumerable payday loan ads on the Internet and are seriously considering their aid in a bid to bail yourself out of a financial crisis at hand. But remember that most of these ads often fail to highlight the cons of short-term financing and it would only be advisable that you conduct due research before obtaining them.

What You Should Know

While zero credit check and fast approval are the biggest advantages of short-term loans, the high APR can be counted among its major its demerits. Therefore as a potential borrower you must know what its features are and how it works. These loans are approved fast whereby the money is credited to your account once (and if) you are approved. You can write a check that includes both the loan amount and the borrowing fee. The lender will hold this check until you redeem it with cash on your next pay day. You can opt for an extension if you fail to repay on time. However, a rollover will result in faster accumulation of rates. These loans can generally be borrowed for a period of 14- 90 days.

Risks Involved

You can apply for short term loans online and get the money on the same day as well. However, the prospect of getting same day cash in your account shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your decision of securing its help. The risks of payday loans go beyond the exorbitant rates of interest.

Most of the creditors carry out their business online and there are always risks in providing sensitive information like your bank details, source of income, residential address etc online. Dealing with a bogus company can lead to the spread of information. Additionally the risks of giving out information to lead generators also remain. These lead generators are often mistaken as payday lenders, while in reality they are just information collectors who pass on your personal details to short-term loan creditors resulting in endless e-mails or calls from their end. It is not always guaranteed that these lead generators will ensure low-cost financing for you, though some of them might claim that they will.

Ways to Avert Risks

While dealing with the website in order to ascertain whether it ensures secure transfer of data or not and to avoid lead generators you can adopt the following measures:

  • Please remember that most of the websites of lead generators actually mention that they are lead generators and not payday lenders, but they will always be difficult to be found out. So watch out if any information of that sort has been provided or not. Key phrases that will aid you identifying them would be something like- “Connecting you with lenders” or else “Matching you with lenders” etc.
  • The easiest way to ascertain whether a particular website is genuine or not would be to take help of authentic review sites that rate lenders on varied criteria like security (whether the lender is availing the Secure Socket Layer rule for transferring information or not), customer service, etc.
  • Lastly, you can well avoid a debt trap by ensuring means to repay your debts on time. Try to steer clear of unnecessary spending and stick to a budget until the loan is paid off.

By Sam Payne

Author Bio: Sam Payn is an experienced web content writer and editor, who has a host of informative financial blogs to his credit.

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