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Trick Yourself Into Spending Less and Saving More

credit cards

Last week we learned about cognitive biases–patterns of flawed judgment or irrational thinking that trick us into making poor decisions, or acting against our best interests. Often, these cognitive biases compel us to spend money foolishly; but we can also use them to trick ourselves into spending less, and saving more. The denomination effect, for example, refers to the tendency ...

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What’s your retirement number?


Benjamin Franklin wrote, “A penny saved is a penny earned”; but when it comes to saving for retirement, it might be best to remember that a penny not saved, is a penny lost. Simple math Personal financial advisors have come up with several methods with which you can calculate your “retirement number”–the amount of savings you will need in order ...

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Don’t let yourself be scammed – Know the precautions


Payday loans are an easy solution to certain financial troubles for which you require instant cash such as medical bills, car repair, sudden wedding invitation, any kind of small home repair. Payday loans basically allows you to have a cash loan at a very short notice, that is, within 12 to twenty four hours. Also, these are really easy to ...

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Beginning Your Savings Fitness Plan


Let’s look at your current financial resources. This is important because, as you will learn later in this booklet, your financial resources affect not only your ability to reach your goals, but also your ability to protect those goals from potential financial crises. These are also the resources you will draw on to meet various life events. Calculate your net ...

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Keeping Your Personal Finances In Order


Everyone is taught basic math while they in school, but those teachings do not extend to how to manage your personal finances when you enter into adult life. It is no real surprise then that so many people end up in debt and having to work their entire life because they made no plans for retirement. Keeping your finances in ...

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Learning Personal Finance In Florida High Schools

High School Students

By the time most kids get through with their education, they step into the working world saddled with debt that runs into the tens of thousands of dollars. The fact is that many kids are horribly unequipped to start dealing with personal finance, since the step is often moving out of the family home once college is over. You would ...

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