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Close the Big Hole in Your Pocket. Get Insured!

Personal Finance and Insurance

To a certain degrees, people understand that it is very vital to think about proper protection. When it comes to managing personal finance family budget, of course the most familiar area of protection is insurance. Finance protection includes insurance, but it also includes expenditure Adult care, child care and other obligations, such as alimony, maintenance and child payments. Our behavior ...

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Beginning Your Savings Fitness Plan


Let’s look at your current financial resources. This is important because, as you will learn later in this booklet, your financial resources affect not only your ability to reach your goals, but also your ability to protect those goals from potential financial crises. These are also the resources you will draw on to meet various life events. Calculate your net ...

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Coping With Financial Crises

life emergencies

Life has a way of throwing unexpected financial roadblocks, detours and potholes in our path. These might be large medical bills, car or home repairs, a death in the family, loss of a job, or expensive legal problems. Such financial emergencies can derail your efforts to save for retirement or other goals. Here are some strategies for managing financial crises. ...

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Keeping Your Personal Finances In Order


Everyone is taught basic math while they in school, but those teachings do not extend to how to manage your personal finances when you enter into adult life. It is no real surprise then that so many people end up in debt and having to work their entire life because they made no plans for retirement. Keeping your finances in ...

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