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Business Insurance

How to Choose a Business Insurance


There is a definite sense of freedom that comes with owning your own business. While you never have to worry about what the boss is thinking anymore, you will also find that freedom comes at a bit of a price. You will suddenly be responsible for all manner of things that you didn’t have to think about in a traditional ...

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What is Business Insurance?


Small or big, all businesses are exposed to risk on a daily basis. The insurance you require depends much on the nature of the business you are operating. The type of insurances available to your business comes in many different forms, but they all primarily fall into 3 main categories: Assets and Revenue, Liability, and Employees. What are Assets and ...

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Why get business insurance?

business insurance

If you have built your business from the ground up you know very well that bad things can happen in a hurry.  You have worked very hard to get your business to where it is today, so don’t let something unforeseen ruin your years of sweat equity.  Insurance is needed as part of a plan for the future security of ...

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