William O'Neil

William O’Neil, the founder of Investors Business Daily, is a legendary figure in the world of stock market investing. He is renowned for his innovative investment strategies and the development of the CAN SLIM methodology. If you’re looking to start investing in stocks and navigate the stock market with confidence, understanding O’Neil’s principles and metrics can be a game-changer.

Who is William O’Neil?

William J. O’Neil is an American entrepreneur, stockbroker, and author born in 1933. He founded William O’Neil + Co. Incorporated and Investors Business Daily (IBD), a publication that provides investors with in-depth market analysis, stock research, and educational resources. O’Neil’s groundbreaking investment strategies have earned him accolades and a reputation as one of the most successful stock market experts of our time.

The CAN SLIM Methodology

CAN SLIM is a stock investment strategy developed by William O’Neil that combines both technical and fundamental analysis. It is a systematic approach to identifying high-potential growth stocks and the right time to buy and sell them.

C – Current Earnings Per Share (EPS) Growth

In the CAN SLIM methodology, O’Neil emphasizes the importance of investing in companies with strong earnings growth. Look for companies with a minimum of 25% or more earnings per share growth over the past three years. A steady increase in EPS signals that the company is financially healthy and capable of generating profits.

A – Annual Earnings Growth

Along with current EPS growth, consider the company’s annual earnings growth rate. Look for companies with a consistent pattern of increasing annual earnings over the past five years. Steady earnings growth indicates a company’s ability to maintain its profitability and drive future stock price appreciation.

N – New Product, Service, or Management

Investing in companies with new and innovative products, services, or visionary leadership can lead to substantial stock price appreciation. Look for companies that are at the forefront of technological advancements or have a competitive edge in their industry.

S – Supply and Demand

The law of supply and demand significantly impacts stock prices. O’Neil emphasizes the importance of observing the trading volume of a stock. Stocks with heavy institutional buying interest and increasing trading volume are more likely to experience price momentum.

L – Leader or Laggard

Identify market leaders in their respective industries. Companies that outperform their competitors and have a relative strength line (RS line) trending upward indicate strong stock performance. Avoid investing in laggards with weak RS lines.

I – Institutional Sponsorship

Pay attention to the level of institutional sponsorship a stock receives. Stocks with high institutional ownership and interest from mutual funds and hedge funds are likely to be strong performers.

M – Market Direction

The overall market trend influences individual stock performance. O’Neil advises investors to invest in a bull market where the general market trend is positive. Avoid making new stock purchases during a bear market or when the market is in a correction.

William O’Neil, His Metrics and Principles

To start investing in stocks using William O’Neil’s methodology, follow these steps:

1. Research and Education

Educate yourself on O’Neil’s investment principles by reading his books, such as “How to Make Money in Stocks” and “The Successful Investor.” Additionally, explore Investors Business Daily and its valuable stock market analysis and research resources.

2. Identify Strong Growth Stocks

Use screening tools and stock research platforms to identify companies with strong earnings growth, increasing annual earnings, and a competitive edge in their industry.

3. Technical Analysis

Incorporate technical analysis into your investment process. Use stock charts to analyze price trends, moving averages, and the relative strength line to identify stocks with strong price momentum.

4. Monitor Institutional Activity

Keep an eye on institutional ownership and buying/selling activity. Stocks with significant institutional sponsorship are more likely to experience sustained price appreciation.

5. Be Mindful of Market Conditions

Invest in a bull market where the overall market trend is positive. Avoid making new stock purchases during a market correction or bear market.

6. Practice Patience

Successful investing requires patience. Wait for the right buying opportunities and avoid making impulsive decisions based on market noise.


William O’Neil‘s CAN SLIM methodology is a powerful tool for investors seeking growth stocks and navigating the stock market. By following O’Neil’s metrics and principles, you can identify high-potential investment opportunities and make informed decisions in your stock market journey. Remember that investing involves risk, and it’s essential to continue learning, adapting, and refining your investment strategy as you gain experience in the dynamic world of stock market investing.

William O'Neil