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Home Equity Lending News LLC (HELN) and Flueid, industry leaders in providing real estate data and intelligence, have jointly released the Second Mortgage Market Insights Q2 2023 report. This 32-page report offers an extensive analysis of the current state of junior-lien originations, capital markets, servicing, and technology, as well as an outlook for the home equity market.

The report examines the recovery of home-equity originations since the financial crisis, identifying the key players in the market and providing market metrics for present-day originations. The impact of recent bank failures on the capital markets for junior-lien products is discussed, along with the influence of recent interest rate changes on second mortgages.

Advancements in Home Equity Technology

The study delves into the advancements in home equity technology and explores the growing implementation of artificial intelligence. The quality and effectiveness of automated verifications and valuations are examined, emphasizing their role in helping lenders predict loan performance. Additionally, an analysis of search results for home-equity phrases reveals which lenders are leading the SEO race.

Matt Regan, EVP of Transaction Management at Flueid, shares insights from the sponsor’s perspective. He highlights Flueid’s commitment to innovation and collaboration within the industry, particularly in the home equity space. Regan discusses the significant advancements in the category, including integrations, new product launches, workflow improvements, and the growing role of title data and intelligence in streamlining processes.

Access the Full Report

The Complete Second Mortgage Market Insights Q2 2023 report can be downloaded for free. Take advantage of this valuable resource to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future outlook of home equity lending.

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HELN is the leading source of breaking news and statistics exclusively focused on second liens, encompassing home-equity loans, home-equity lines of credit, purchase-money seconds, and home-improvement loans. With a deep understanding of the industry, HELN provides valuable insights for originators, servicers, investors, and other stakeholders in the home equity market.

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Flueid is a pioneering technology company that brings title data and intelligence to the forefront of every real estate workflow. By leveraging consumer and property insights, Flueid optimizes workflows, reduces transaction timelines, and enhances the overall consumer experience. With a commitment to industry best practices and robust data sets, Flueid empowers lenders, title providers, platform providers, and other industry participants to integrate their workflows seamlessly. Learn more about Flueid’s innovative solutions at.

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