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Trick Yourself Into Spending Less and Saving More

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Last week we learned about cognitive biases–patterns of flawed judgment or irrational thinking that trick us into making poor decisions, or acting against our best interests. Often, these cognitive biases compel us to spend money foolishly; but we can also use them to trick ourselves into spending less, and saving more. The denomination effect, for example, refers to the tendency ...

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How cognitive biases shape consumer spending


The human brain is a remarkably complex organ, composed of roughly 100 billion neurons firing at a rate of about 200 times per second, resulting in an operating speed of about 20 trillion calculations per second. The brain is so complex, in fact, that it took researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Technology Graduate University in Japan and Forschungszentrum Jülich ...

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Six Money-Saving Tips for the Tech-Savvy

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Introduction Saving money is a necessity as well as a mandate for all- whether it is a normal person or a tech savvy person. Saving money is definitely regarded as an art which would help you, if not at the present, at least in the near future when one would grow old and survive on that money. Tech savvy people ...

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