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Higher Insurance if You’re Overweight or a Smoker!


A new assessment of the Obamacare seems to reveal that if you are overweight, have cholestrol or blood pressure or in worse case if you are a smoker you could end up paying much more for insurance. So in another word if you don’t meet certain standards for health guidelines your employer could charge extra premiums up to 50% more ...

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How Individual Health Insurances Need to Change to Meet ObamaCare


Most of people who buy individual health insurance will experience big changes once ObamaCare kicks in next year. More than half of the individual plans this year will not meet eligibility in 2014 according to many of the provisions of the Obama Care Act. There are new minimums for basic insurance coverages provided by individual health care plans. These health ...

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More and More Companies Reduce Health Coverage Due to Obamacare


In recent weeks UPS (United Parcel Service Inc) announced to many of its workers that they will no longer provide health care to employees’ spouses who can obtain health care through other means.  The company says that they were motivated to this action by the increasing costs of health care due to the Affordable Care Act.  They have said that ...

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California Insurance Exchange Could be Getting Reasonable Priced Health Insurance Options

California is getting ready for the new changes to healthcare laws and over 5 million people in California who will qualify for the new health care coverages will be getting choices from the insurance exchange that will comply with the Affordable Care Act.  California is following in the footsteps of neighboring states Oregon and Washington who recently announced reasonably priced ...

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