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Washington and Oregon have shown lower cost with 2014 Obamacare insurance

Health Care

With all the debates about the Obama’s healthcare reform two northwestern states have managed to propose programs that will actually save consumers on insurance costs. The insurance companies in Washington and Oregon have submitted proposals to sell policies on the state’s health insurance exchanges with lower rates than it was originally perceived. Everyone is getting ready for 2014 insurance changes ...

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The Stumbling Block to Health-Care Bill

A paragraph added at the last minute to the health-care bill is causing a road block with many of the lawmakers. The paragraph which promised a $100 million dollar promise in form of federal government aid for extra poor people joining Medicaid in Nebraska is being questioned by many including the Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson who says he has not ...

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How Individual Health Insurances Need to Change to Meet ObamaCare


Most of people who buy individual health insurance will experience big changes once ObamaCare kicks in next year. More than half of the individual plans this year will not meet eligibility in 2014 according to many of the provisions of the Obama Care Act. There are new minimums for basic insurance coverages provided by individual health care plans. These health ...

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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance

With the costs of medical care seemingly rising by the day, the need to have a health insurance plan of some kind is becoming more and more important. This is especially true if you have a family where your children’s health needs really need to be attended to. The problem with choosing a health plan is that there are now ...

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What is Cancer Insurance?


Cancer is most certainly a life altering diagnosis. Some life changes are obvious and immediate; others are subtle and take time to develop. But, the financial blow due to loss of income and treatment expenses is apparent in all cases and can be lessened with cancer insurance. Cancer insurance is a relatively new policy which serves to provide you with ...

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