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10 Things You Never Want to Put on a Credit Card

credit cards

In today’s fast-paced and sophisticated lifestyle, nearly everyone relies on credit cards for charging such items as the cost of purchases, recurring monthly payments, restaurant meals and entertainment tickets. Many consumers make charges every day to their current charge card accounts. However, there are certain specific charges and fees you never want to put on a credit card, including:  1. ...

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Credit Reports: How to Get Rid of Tax Liens


This year IRS has started a new policy in regards to unpaid tax liens. The good news is if you pay in full they offer to remove it. So the negative impact of tax liens on credit reports can be removed. So you think what is new?  Well before this year even when you paid a tax lien in full ...

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Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet!

Tax Refund

Tax time is something that we know is coming each and every year, yet many of us end up totally unprepared for the big day. A big part of the stress that people feel around tax time has more to do with their preparedness level than the actual result of the filing. In order to be better prepared this time ...

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