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The Benefits Of Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

When you buy a home, you are usually well aware of the need to protect your investment with homeowners insurance. The fact that it is usually part of any deal with a mortgage company is beside the point, since it’s something you would probably want to have anyway. Renting a home is a little different, usually because renters believe that ...

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State Insurance Regulators

Alabama Department of Insurance PO Box 303351 Montgomery, AL 36130-3351 334-241-4141 (Consumer Services) 334-269-3550 E-mail: ConsumerServices@insurance.alabama.gov www.aldoi.gov Alaska Division of Insurance Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development Robert B. Atwood Building 550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1560 Anchorage, AK 99501-3567 907-269-7900 TTY: 907-465-5437 E-mail: insurance@alaska.gov Division of Insurance Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development PO Box 110805 Juneau, ...

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The Stumbling Block to Health-Care Bill

A paragraph added at the last minute to the health-care bill is causing a road block with many of the lawmakers. The paragraph which promised a $100 million dollar promise in form of federal government aid for extra poor people joining Medicaid in Nebraska is being questioned by many including the Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson who says he has not ...

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Tax Problems with Whole Life Insurance


Recently you hear in the news about Tax Court making negative decisions regarding whole life insurance. Usually case involves a policyholder challenging insurance company and or IRS regarding a 1099 reporting and the result usually means the policyholder looses. So most policyholders are really upset. Why? In most cases this results from a mishandled tax deferred account or a cash ...

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The Different Types Of Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you think that the cost of living has become ridiculously expensive, just wait until you see how much it costs when there is a death in the family. It’s never a pleasant thought to think about our final days, but it’s something that really has to be done. This is especially true of you have a family where you ...

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Life Insurance Proceed, Consumer Protection Laws Passed in Vermont

Vermont has joined some of the other states who recently passed laws to protect consumers in regards to unclaimed life insurance proceeds. Other states who have recently passed laws are Alabama, Maryland, New Mexico, North Dakota, New York, Kentucky and Montana. The new laws are passing requirement for insurance companies to search and find people they owe money to. In ...

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Need A Loan? – The Different Kinds Available To You


While it would be wonderful if we could pay for everything with cash, there are times in all of our lives when that simply isn’t possible. It may be an emergency situation that causes us to seek a loan, or perhaps a big ticket item that would require a lottery win in order for a cash payment to be made. ...

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Why Refinance?


All you need to know about a refinance mortgage loan Save Money – Refinance Your Mortgage! Monthly payments are getting difficult to keep up with in this economy. Consider refinancing if you are having difficulty meeting your monthly payments. By getting a lower interest rate you can save substantially on your monthly payments. But be careful about low interest 3 ...

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The Pros and Cons Of Refinancing A Mortgage

When you buy a house, chances are you search for the best deal available at that current time. By that, we don’t just mean finding a property you love, but also getting a mortgage that you can live with over the next 25 or so years. When it comes to securing a mortgage, you are pretty much tied to the ...

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