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Learn About Medical Discount Plans

Health Insurance

Looking for health insurance? Make sure that’s what you’re buying, or you could find yourself on the hook for big medical bills with no way to pay them. That’s because what sounds like affordable health insurance may be a medical discount plan instead. Medical discount plans can be a way for some people to save money on their health care ...

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New Laws Concerning Life Insurance in Montana

Montana Life Insurance

Imagine a policyholder dies and no one makes any claims, who gets to keep the money. That’s right, the insurance provider has pure profit, since they can hold on to these funds for sometime before turning it over to the state as unclaimed property and during this  period they can invest the funds for profit. Well a new law passed ...

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The Need For Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

It’s almost guaranteed that the moment you mention cancer, the average person will immediately think of someone in their life who has been affected by this horrible disease. The fact that it is estimated that roughly 1 in 3 people will end up with some form of the disease makes it obvious why just about everyone has cancer affect their ...

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Obama on Insurance Rate Hikes


The Daily Show on Oct. 27, 2010 featured an interview with President Barack Obama where host Jon Stewart’s discussed the health care changes with the president. President defended the health care bill mentioning it will bring health care to 30 million americans and the Patient’s Bill of Rights and how it protects to the consumer. The President said: “When you ...

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Washington and Oregon have shown lower cost with 2014 Obamacare insurance

Health Care

With all the debates about the Obama’s healthcare reform two northwestern states have managed to propose programs that will actually save consumers on insurance costs. The insurance companies in Washington and Oregon have submitted proposals to sell policies on the state’s health insurance exchanges with lower rates than it was originally perceived. Everyone is getting ready for 2014 insurance changes ...

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How To Avail The Biggest Advantages of Relevant Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Relevant life insurance is a comparatively new variety of insurance that is gradually garnering popularity among high-earning employees and directors of companies that don’t qualify for group life insurance cover. Under a relevant life cover, the beneficiaries or family members of the insured individual receive the payout when the policyholder passes away before the completion of the policy term. This ...

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Relevant Life Policy: It’s Basics and More


As an employer of a small business if you are paying up huge taxes on conventional life insurance coverage for your employees, you might as well seek the aid of the relevant life policy. It is a life assurance cover with a difference that has a range of tax benefits. As you go through the write up you will come ...

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