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Saving money is a necessity as well as a mandate for all- whether it is a normal person or a tech savvy person. Saving money is definitely regarded as an art which would help you, if not at the present, at least in the near future when one would grow old and survive on that money. Tech savvy people love buying new gadgets, the moment it is launched in the market. They have an obsession as well as fetish for any new gadget whether it is expensive or not. For their love for gadgets they end up spending more than they save.

If tech savvy people are in the mood for saving some money for themselves; here are some simple personal finance and technology tips which would help you in the long run.

Try avoiding the fetish for new gadgets

New things would always come up every now and then. Starting from new phones, to electronic DVD players, music systems, laptop, palmtop, and many more, technology is always on the run. It is necessary for you to know how important the gadget is for you and how the absence of it would change your life. In order to save money you should consider keeping the older gadgets for a little longer time. Try sticking to a gadget for sometime more and not spending on new gadgets every day.If you feel that the device that you have is still fine and serving you well, try avoiding purchase of new gadgets.

Study about the object before buying it

It is important that before jumping onto any gadget you do some research work about the same. Try not to spend money on gadgets which have a short life. It is a known fact that any new launch in the market would definitely draw attraction. But it is not necessary that you need to buy it as soon as you see it.

Choose proper time to buy it

If you really like a gadget and need to buy it, try choosing the appropriate time to buy it. There are various seasons when discounts as well as different schemes are offered. Whenever a new gadget is launched prices are low because of drawing customer to it. Price of previous gadgets is also reduced. This is the right time to buy your gadgets which would save you a lot of money.

Buy at discounted prices

If you are planning to buy a new gadget you can check out on the internet sites like eBay .com or Amazon, which offers products at discounted rates. You can also buy other products and then earn enough points on the same so that it accumulates enough for you to buy a new gadget. Though you may not know it, it is a get way in which you can save money.

Try new innovations on your old gadget

If you have already bought a new phone with all features but still planning a new buy with some added features, try improvising the older device with some newer features. Nowadays all phones ate technologically updated and one can definitely try to experiment with the same. One can jailbreak an I- phone, update the processor, or add something new to an older gadget to give it a new and stylish look.

Exchange your old accessories for a new one

If you really feel that you need to buy a new gadget for yourself, try exchanging the old one for the new one. This would help you to save some money as well as buy a new gadget.


If you follow these few simple personal finance tips, you will find that saving money is not a problem at all. Along with a good amount of savings, you can also get hold of your most loved gadget at a reasonable deal!

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