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Obama Health Care Law is Struggling with Shortage of Funds and Deadlines


White House had requested $1 billion in order to implement the health care law but Congress rejected it last week. Later in the week Republicans continued their resistance to the law in Senate and Democrats countered with proposals to repeal the law and many of its tax increases. This money was needed to implement exchanges in many of the states to help people enroll. Federal officials have increased their supervision of the insurance markets in many of the states.  There is still a lot of work that needs to be taken care of and time is running out on the enrollment which is to begin in a few months.

Concern exists regarding costs and administration is advising against any hints to lower costs. In another word consumers should not expect insurance rates that will fit their budget, yet many people, perhaps in millions have benefited from this law getting cancer screenings and other free medical services or discounts on prescription drugs. But there are many provisions that the public is still not fully aware of. There has been little effort to really educate the public about all the benefits. Due to this public opinion is divided and almost 40% of Americans are yet to favor this law, but about 37% do support it.

The administration claims 41 million people may be eligible for new options and 20% of them are still very young.

On the other hand by April 30 insurers are to file applications with details of benefits, product details and costs and how they comply with the law. Then the federal government will be reviewing it to ensure compliance and fairness. By beginning of June a call center is to be implemented and consumer should be able to enroll by October. Yet Republicans and Democrats are still battling. Furthermore, most states have yet to incorporate the federal law into state law, specially that states are the primary regulators of health insurance.

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